Takaful can be defined as “Islamic insurance” or “Interest-free insurance”. This type of insurance, which is also known as the Takaful system, is called cooperation or mutual insurance. Cooperation insurance is one where separate individuals come together to compensate for the damage one of them suffers.
Basically, takaful is a system based on solidarity which creates social welfare by eliminating the unjust suffering of the individuals whose were victimized because of the other funds created.
Takaful insurance was not popular in the US . Having studied its applications in the US and Islamic abroad, our group completed its infrastructure and started its operations, in this area.
In order to popularize takaful insurance in the US, applications around the world were examined, and the window model takaful insurance was applied by US SHARE TAKAFUL, which was a first in the financial industry.

In 2017, the U.S. life and health insurance industry generated a total revenue of 839.8 billion U.S. dollars.

According to a report by Dubai Center for Islamic Banking and Finance (DCIBF), the global takaful insurance market would reach US$52.5 billion by 2020.

10 million Muslim societies are living in all states of US. The Gulf countries investors, Americans, and other expat people living in the USA are interested to have been trying to lead their assets to safe-ethic-Islamic financial instruments in Murabaha and Icara System and Takaful for the Mortgage, Trade, and  Insurance and investments.

US SHARE FUND our faith-based lending subsidiary serves a large number of Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, and Christian customers who have an ethical aversion to paying or receiving interest.

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