US Share Fund

The Size in the Participation, Sharing and Ethic Alternative Finance Model of the Finance Market Estimates  $3.4 Trillion by end of 2018.
This alternative finance model investors have been trying to lead their assets to safe investments. Due to the economic stability in recent years, its trust, safety, in terms of investor protection and the business familiarity with gulf countries, US has been a candidate to be the center of the investments of other Countries investors.
It is important to note that there is a need for a more efficient and cost-effective way to increase the profitability of the finance and loan market.
We are working with the “Alternative Financial Products” offer to the investors and clients that demand such products.
The US Share Fund operates in accordance with the principles of interest-free financial model as a participation fund, with bonds and profit sharing accounts, and lending such funds through production support, finance lease and profit/loss sharing partnership.
The Fund has a wholly-owned subsidiary that generates leasing/rental income by leasing assets back to the originating company which were taken over from the originating company.
Americans and other people are interested our  Alterative Finance System for the Private Equity, Mortgage Home Loan, Leasing, Share transfer (Buyout), Interim Financing (Mezzanine), Project Finance, Home-Mortgage-Auto-Education provide financing -Smal Business Loan-Trade-Invest, and other financial products.
Our financial models  is based on four core principles: Prohibiting usury-Avoiding speculation-Avoiding gambling-Investing ethically
Although our in the financial models have many products similar to those offered by conventional banks, the two entities differ conceptually. One key difference is that conventional banks earn their money by charging interest and fees for services, whereas our in the financial models earn their money by profit and loss sharing, trading, leasing, charging fees for services rendered, and using other share contracts of exchange.
Our partner financial institutions must comply with a variety of ethic principles besides avoiding interest.
In the our mortgage system, rather than lending a customer money to buy a house, the bank will buy the house itself. The customer can then either buy the house back from the fund at an agreed-upon, above-market value paid in instalments (this is called murabahah) or he can make monthly payments comprising a rental fee and a piece of the purchase price until he owns the home outright (ijara)

Our financial studies and financial instruments;

Personal Finance

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Education Finance

Home Finance  house-real-estate-finance     housing-finance-agreement

Owner To Owner


Developer Purchase

Construction Finance

Equity Release

Non-Resident Home Finance

Foreign National Program For Mortgage Loan

Small Business Finance

Working Capital Finance

Goods Finance

Flexi-business Finance

Fixed Asset Finance

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