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Gulf US Capital & US Share Fund &US Real Estate Trust Group can help for US mortgage loans, including E1-E2-EB-5 visa holders, all foreigners and Americans and those with little or no US credit history. The borrower is not required to have a Green Card, SS# or VISA. No FICO required. Assets do not need to be in a U.S account. We evaluate their financial assets and revenues of foreigners in other countries. We offer a financial mortgage alternative for all domestic and foreign investors.

We financed many Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin Robbins, Einstein Bagel shops, KFC, Subway, (Halal)BURGERIM, Halal Guys, Dominos…etc.  Leasing Finance and Mortgage loans with the Competitive Rates and very good terms.

Our US SHARE Program will guide you through the process from start to finish painlessly.

Franchising Loan amount for 1-4 house: $300,000$-8,000,000 (%35 down payment, %65 loan for 15-20-30 yearly)

Last several months of Bank (in your countries) statements which show there is enough cash in the account for the down payment and all closing cost related expenses, continues enough income source for mortgage payments. (%45-%65) Debt ratio with income. If you own properties free and clear or what are the payments.

Anyone out to buy or refinance a home this month will find that current mortgage rates have fallen since this time last year.

We can close 30 years of mortgage credit debt in 17 years ( With the same amount of payment) with our special configuration.

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Buying a property helps homeowners and family to stay up to 6 months in the States at a time.

Opening a business helps for eligibility.

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Changing the terms of your loan can benefit you and maximize your monthly income. A lower monthly  mortgage payment can help free-up money you can save, invest or use for other expenses.

You can fill out our short application to see what rate you qualify and to help you see if refinancing can save you money and obtain a pre-approval letter . Please click on the links for more information

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For those who wish, we are establishment finance with Murabaha and Ijara in the Islamic criteria.

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