Free – international conversation and online interpreter support with global and local exchanges and brokers
You can perform transactions on global and regional stock markets, you can purchase real-time data, access real-time stock market quotes and  perform equity share transactions on real-time stock exchange.
Almost all countries have a stock market where publicly-held companies undergo trade.
Global stock markets are indexes impacted by macro and micro developments in the world, with a significant magnitude based on trade volume, and followed closely by financial markets.
Global and Regional stock markets or stock market indexes can be described as values generated based on the weight of equity shared trades in the stock market of a relevant country within the index.
American stock markets are the largest in the world in terms of trading volume. In addition to equity shares, exchange traded funds (ETF) are also traded in American stock markets.

NYSE takes the cake here with close to $21 trillion in market capitalization. That’s the value of all its shares. The Nasdaq has 3,800 companies with a market cap of $11 trillion. Over 8,000 equity shares are registered and traded in American stock markets. You can also buy and sell foreign equity shares across the foreign futures contracts platform.

 A look into the breakdown of trade volumes on the basis of products indicates that Soy Beans, Sugar and Rubber Products are the top three derivatives respectively that are traded the most among agricultural commodity products.
And the top three derivatives for energy futures contracts are Brent oil, crude oil and natural gas.
Moreover, two-year and five-year bonds of USA are traded actively in futures exchanges.
The ranking in the index futures category includes e-mini S&P500 index, Euro Stoxx 50 and RTS futures contracts.
Silver, copper and iron ore stand out among derivatives in the category of precious metals.
Also; You can trade in Nasdaq Dubai and GCC countries stock and commodities exchanges and Islamic Index and Sukuk bond and mutual funds  simultaneously via the platform or through customer representatives.
We preparing a new platform of  support solutions to address business losses for investors, traders and stock-commodities exchanges
All traders and investors will perform practical transactions via with   ” Global Promotions , Free Call Center – Phone – Online Interpreter – International Chat and Screen Supported ” INVESTOR SUPPORT PLATFORM FOR STOCK EXCHANGES (ISPE).
The ISPE Professional Interpreter Network provides access to literally thousands of professionally certified interpreters worldwide and supports over 100 languages.
Our members and contracted stock exchanges and securities companies will direct connect to potential investors our with “Phone and Teleconferencing Interpreting call center and international Chat system” from traditional analog landlines to smartphones, tablets and iPads.
Our ISPE PLATFORM   and apps provide a great opportunity to maximize target potential investors returns and keep trading easy and simple.
Investor Platform is promoting in digital markets with its one-on-one conversation with teleconference, interpreter support and the opportunity to chat in any language
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