Gulf-USA Capital & US Share Fund &US Real Estate Trust Group is an investment and financial services firm that offers you new investment and financial opportunities in the United States of America.
US-Share Fund is experienced in the finance and capital market’s sector and has strong relationships among the institutions based in the US.

For Real estate in the USA; Real Estate Potentials in the USA

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GulfUS Capital&Global Trade Group operate in 52 countries and regions in South America, EU, Asia and Pacific, BRIC, Eurasia, CIS, Middle East, GCC and we work with manufacturers, distributors and retail chains in all major channels.

We focus on long-term strategies and help you establish long-term relationships with reliable trading partners in all major international markets.
We provide ongoing sales and operational support and help you navigate through complex processes related to exporting and dealing with international buyers and foreign regulatory agencies and banks.

Our group and investors have relationships and credit lines with over.50 banks and financial institutions globally.

We are doing foreign trade with our Partner Groups for  Branded food and beverage and Cleaning  materials, Halal Meat- Chicken-Organic-Natural Vegetable and Fruit  categories for Hiper-Super Markets , Energy, Oil & Gas & Petrochemical  products,  Metal, Agricultural, Construction-Building materials, Health-therapy-Massage Chairs-Pillow etc.., Raw Cotton,  Textile products,  Diamond- jewellery and gold,..etc, purchase and sale operations.


Our group delivers value and quality to its customers and end-users through a global network of partner companies – manufacturers and supply chain mechanism managed by the experienced, loyal, cooperative and professional team.


We will have an investment partnership and financial support.

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