The Gold B Exchange House is a company that specializes in the management of crypto currency coins that are backed by gold. Our system is powered by ERC-20, the most efficient digital encryption program under the Ethereum protocol.

With $3 Billion (USD) worth of gold in it’s a portfolio, The Gold B Exchange house has laid a foundation for international banking backed by gold and insurance services.

Some Islamic scholars recently declared Crypto Coins “permissible” under Sharia law, thereby opening the market to 1.6 billion Muslims around the world HALAL CRYPTO COINS

Different of the fast-developing Bitcoin systems in the world, our Gold Bank partners and shareholders are indexed to the gold reserves. With this difference, we offer a brand-new Halal financial product that can be easily used in Islamic countries and all Muslim investors. Under the Islamic finance criteria, subsidized monetary systems, trading and interest-free trade are encouraged.
Our Halal Gold B Coins distributions are the investment profits of Gold B.
All of our investors and users are partners of Gold B. The savings and returns in our system are shareholding shares.
Our Halal Gold Mine Coins-Halal GMC coins will appreciate in USD value based on the gold being mined from the gold mine.
The investors will own a percentage (based on how much is invested) of the physical rights to the minerals.
The profits are distributed among account/coin owners, therefore the income is Halal. No profits will be made off of interest.
As the Gold B Exchange House, we are also offering unique financial services that benefit our Muslim account holders, such as:
Trade and borrowing to purchase properties, cars etc. without paying interest.

The Gold B’s Gold Bank Coin had an initial coin offering that started at $0.50 (USD) in June of 2018. In November of 2018 it reached $1.99 (USD) and is currently $2.49 (USD). From June to December of 2018, the coin’s return is currently 400% if a user invested in the beginning and currently holds the coin.

Out of the 500,000,000 initial Gold Bank coins, there are only 20,000,000 coins left to invest in The Gold Bank Coin. As of today, The Gold Bank coins sell for $2.49 (USD) each.

We’re offering a partnership including our Gold mine mineral rights in Ecuador with 3 million ounces of gold reserves and are ready to have investor(s)/partner(s) invest $500 million (USD) in a joint venture together. The expected return is $2 Billion + (USD).

Return on investment will be: Within 3 to 6 months, an average return of 30-35%, Within 12 to 24 months, an average return of + 35-50%

Guarantees, Advantages for Investors;

1- You will be a shareholder in the gold mine and gold reserves.

2- Our gold mine producers guarantee annual gold bullion production.

3- You will be tax-free advantageous accounts in Gold B Exchange House and ” Halal GMC”.

4- Gold bars will be stored in the US.

5- You will be able to open “Gold Mine Coin” GMC ” accounts at The Gold Bank

6- You will be a shareholder at “The Gold Bank”

7- A one-million-dollar investment in the Gold Bank coin gains the investor a seat on the Board.


Our Partner Latin America Gold B Exchange house is a crypto currency exchange house and owned by each account holders. The Gold B is a company that specializes in the management of crypto coins. Our system is powered by ERC-20, the most efficient digital encryption program under the Ethereum protocol.  The contract that was made with the Ecuadorian Government is valid for 30 years to life.  Gold B has strong references with Ecuador Government and Central Bank. Gold B has also has an agreement with Belize companies to get $500,000,000.00 per month deposited and converted into crypto coins and will keep $125,000,000 as fees and commissions. Besides The Gold B has many upcoming large investors that are inputting approximately more than 3 billion dollars .Our main goal for this year is to reach 200 million users

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Gold coin’s return is currently 400% . Buy Gold Coin from $ 2.5 today (-% wholesale purchase discount)
Become a shareholder of Gold Bank and Earn $ 25+ after of 6 month. 
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Please contact us by e-mail and telephone for 100 thousand coin and over investments.

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Cell. +1(212)-518-3989 WhatsApp +1(845)480-8762

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