“Goldmine Production and Gold Mine Coin (GMC) Investing”

Throughout financial turmoil, GOLD remains solid and preserves wealth.

Latin America top five gold and silver producing countries in the world of the reserves of these two metals and the sixth worldwide with an annual production of 153 tons; its reserves of this precious metal are estimated at 244 million fine ounces (6,915 tons).

 Our in portfolio; 27 thousand hectares in the Equator region, a depth of 200 meters. There are 23 million OZ gold reserves.

The Gold B Exchange House & Gulf US Capital& US Share Fund group offers a large gold investment in Latin America for equity fund(s) or investor(s) or bank(s).

Gold Mine Coin “GMC “ is suitable for investors seeing a partnership of physical Gold mines and Gold Bank as a ‘safe haven’ investment and an absolute crisis protection without taking on a SHARI’A COMPLIANT issuer risk.  With this difference, we offer a brand-new Halal financial product that can be easily used in Islamic countries and Muslim and all investors.

Gold B Asset Coins Presentation

 With this mission, we share our new gold mines and investments. Our offer total investment value is the $ 400 Mio for gold investment. The expected return is $2 Billion

 Can be invested, %100 complete or partially. This investment cost will be paid in installments.

Goldmine investor with the pre-financing method, it will be able to pay investment value payments with Gold Mine Coins (GMC) revenues.

Earnings of this investment;

  • 3 Mio OZ – $2 Bio  gold reserve rights.
  • Share-owner of the Gold Bank.
  • Owning  of  the – special discounted –  20 million piece (end-balance) Gold B Coins.
  • With the 500% increased value of  500 million pieces Gold Mine Coins (GMC)

The equity funds and creditor banks for 10-year term loan, net income is total %10. Our group will give guarantees 3 million ounces of goldmine mineral rights in Equator Gold Mine areas and, $400 Mio (200 Mio piece x $2) Gold Mine Coins for Equity Funds/Banks or investors or partners.

A very lucrative offer if you are interested . Goldmine Offer-Summary Letter,

If you Interested in our offer; Please send us your LOI- LETTER OF INTENT( in the link).

After A mutual NDA Confidentiality agreement is made. The requested detail documents are shared. This offer is valid until 30 January 2019.  

halalgoldcoins@gulfuscapital.com  , usinvestingfund@gmail.com

Phone – WhatsApp +1(845)480-8762,+1(973)938-2039

Gold Mine Coin- GMC ,    HALAL CRYPTO COINS , Halal Asset Coins Presantation


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