GULF-US Platform

In order to develop joint projects and collaborations in economic sectors-financial- stock markets-commercial-scientific-industrial-technological-educational-cultural-tourism-real estate and foreign trade and other  areas and services between US and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries’ (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman) funds($ 3,5 trillion), investors and US entrepreneurs, local and private institutions, investors, and among people who want to develop business, Gulf US Platform has been operating since 2008.


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Despite the fact that financial cooperation has a great potential for the social-economic development of the OIC ( member 57 countries, the majority of the OIC -ORGANISATION OF THE ISLAMIC COOPERATION Member States’ financial markets are not efficient to support a sustainable economic growth and development, due to their small financial markets, lack of diversified financial products and insufficient infrastructure.

Here we are for goal congruence this  working to develop a new international financial institution GLOBAL AND ISLAMIC INDEXED ” US EXCHANGE TRADE CENTER” and  ISE -International Share Exchange- Online/Phone/Web Platform in the US. We believe this organizations will be of great financial benefit to Muslim populations and all American Traders and all Word investors with online ISE Platform.

 We can serve at least 2000 active members monthly in our Trader Saloons. At nternati100 fixed transaction desks of (with computers and international phones) of traders 100 people can make transactions at the same time. Also; (ISE) INVESTMENT PLATFORM will be able to trading  hundreds of thousands of Traders via ONLINE-WEB-PHONE.

Sponsorship and Participant Registration will remain open between of 15 Feb. – 30 March 2020 over the coming days.

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The opening will be held on 04 June 2020 with a multi-storey organization.

With your contribution, we are expecting to see senior managers and businessmen in the GCC and OIC Countries stock market among us.We encourage you to share the information on  US- EXCHANGE TRADE CENTER sponsorship and participant with your citizens, members and networks.

GULF-US PLATFORM & Gulf US Capital &Global Trade Group

One Liberty Plaza, 165 Broadway,23rd Floor, New York, US,

Whatsapp +1(845)480-8762

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