Our Private Equity strategy is to acquire strategic stakes in highly profitable and fast growing companies in select industries in the USA region and, through active ownership, accelerate their growth and profitability ahead of an eventual exit. We are active investors with a particular focus on operational improvements and regional or product expansion.

Our Private equity funds may invest directly in equity securities of the target investment, in the form of mezzanine debt, or in both equity and debt.
In general terms, private equity funds often focus on one of the following investment philosophies:
Venture capital – used to finance early stage companies that do not have access to financial markets or conventional financing.
Growth capital – used to fund the expansion of an established private company that is “asset light,” and therefore may not be able to use its own assets to secure traditional financing for such growth.
Leveraged or management buyouts – used in combination with additional leverage placed on a company to allow the existing management to take control of the target. The company’s cash flow has to be sufficient to cover the carrying costs of the additional debt.
Distressed or turnaround situations – used when companies are unable to service their existing debt, and the fund’s equity is used to recapitalize the balance sheet along with management conducting a turnaround strategy.
Fund Target Sector
PE investments can be made in a broad range of sectors, such as technology, real estate, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, retail,  consumer products, etc.