We are pleased to offer you a range of in the ethic criteria financial services in the USA.

We offer you a range of services, including Home- Auto- Commercial- Mortgage, Re-Finance, Real estate Finans,   Home Equity, Small Business -Trade Loans, Leasing, Equity, Franchise Business  Funding, Foreign Trade Finance,   Investment, and Project Finance.

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Our Partner The Gold B Exchange house started the digital currency system (powered by ERC-20, the most efficient digital encryption program under the Ethereum protocol). This new monetary system offers protection and empowers individuals with the ability to have full control of their own money as well as prosper from the many benefits that The Gold B offers.

Our Halal Gold Coins will appreciate in USD value based on gold being mined from the gold mine.The investors will own a percentage (based on how much is invested) of the physical gold from the gold mine.The profits are distributed among coin owners, therefore the income is halal. No profits will be made off of interest

Halal Asset Coins Presantation

HALAL Gold Mine Coins- GMC

Gold Mine Coin- GMC

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Gulf-USA Capital & US Share Fund &US Real Estate Trust Group welcomes the opportunity to provide mortgage services to Foreign Nationals who want to purchase or refinance a home in the United States.

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GulfUS Capital&Global Trade Group operate in 52 countries and regions in South America, EU, Asia and Pacific, BRIC, Eurasia, CIS, Middle East, GCC and we work with manufacturers, distributors and retail chains in all major channels.

We are doing foreign trade with our Partner Groups for  Branded Food and Beverage and Consumer  materials,Halal-Kosher Meat- Sunflower-Corn-Palm Oils,Sugar, Chicken-Organic-Natural Vegetable and Fruit  categories for Hiper-Super Markets , Health-therapy-Massage Chairs-Pillow etc.., Energy, Oil & Gas & Petrochemical  products,  Metal, Agricultural, Construction-Building materials, Raw Cotton,  Textile products,  Diamond- jewellery and gold,..etc, purchase and sale operations.


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