We are pleased to offer you a range of in the ethic criteria financial services in the USA.

We offer you a range of services, including Home- Auto- Commercial- Mortgage, Re-Finance,    Home Equity, Small Business -Trade Loans, Leasing, Equity, Franchise Business    Funding,     Investment and Project finance.

GulfUS Capital&Global Trade Group operate in 52 countries and regions in South America, EU, Asia and Pacific, BRIC, Eurasia, CIS, Middle East, GCC and we work with manufacturers, distributors and retail chains in all major channels.

We focus on long-term strategies and help you establish long-term relationships with reliable trading partners in all major international markets.
We provide ongoing sales and operational support and help you navigate through complex processes related to exporting and dealing with international buyers and foreign regulatory agencies and banks.

Our group and investors have relationships and credit lines with over.50 banks and financial institutions globally.

We are doing foreign trade with our Partner Groups for Energy, Oil & Gas & Jet fuel products, Chemical, Petrochemical, Industrial products, Urea Granule, Mine and Coal, Precious metals, Iron Ore, Scrap Steel, Aluminum Metal, Copper cathode , Machinery and technology materials, Agriculturel, Food (Refinery/Raw Sunflower-Olive-Corn-Soybean- Crude Palm-Canola Oils- Brazil Sugar-Bread Flour-Milk Powder- Brazil Coffee) and Industrial food products, Construction-Building materials, Electronic materials, Health-therapy-Massage Chairs-Pillow etc..,Raw Cotton,  Textile products, (Raw Cotton, Raw Cotton,Flanel,Viscose, Dyed,Cretonne Fabric products ,Cotton Yarn ,Denim-Jeans fabric, Cosmetic cotton buds-swabs-pads-roled cotton products, Towels,Bathtobe,Slippers products) Diamond- jewellery and gold,..etc, purchase and sale operations.

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