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The Gulf countries ( Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait )  are situated on the richest area of the world in terms of petrol and energy reserves and have 2.5 trillion dollars of fund source.  The Gulf countries have been spending 1.8 trillion dollars of these funds for overseas investments.
Owning 37% of total fund sources of the world, the Gulf countries have been working with different instruments than western-sourced investments. The Gulf countries composing of the countries such as Gulf have preferred interest free instruments while investing.

Gulf US Capital and US SHAREFUND is a leading alternative Financial Service Company that is focused on building dynamic, profitable, and reputable finance and investments in the United States.

In the scope of Gulf-USA Capital “Investor & Financial Partner” developed in the USA  and our infrastructure and connectivity’s;
For real estate-industry-education-health-food-IT and other sectorial investments, international trade and marketing and franchising in the United States,
Gives services to establish investor partnerships, consortiums, provide financing, Leasing, Venture Capital (private equity), Share transfer (Buyout), Interim Financing (Mezzanine), Fund configuration services

“US Share  Fund”  is a method of funding a project or organization by pooling the money of individual investors. It can provide a number of benefits beyond the financial including marketing, audience engagement and feedback. US Share Fund allows good companies which don’t fit the pattern required by conventional financiers, to break through and attract cash.

Alternative real estate and other assets and investments and fund raising model for the many

Share Bond  funding is a great way to match companies who need funding with individuals who wish to invest. Investors become shareholders and have partial ownership of the funded company.

The US Share Bond operates in accordance with the principles of interest-free financial model as a participation bonds and profit sharing accounts and lending such bonds through production support, finance lease and profit/loss sharing partnership.

Rents are linked to the real underlying value of the property. Yield is paid against rent and not as a result of interest.

We aim at facilitating access to real estate and other assets and investment and financing through unique inclusive solutions. That is how we developed our “Share Fund and Share Bond ” model, the first of its kind in the share funding industry. This alternative finance model investors have been trying to lead their assets to safe investments.

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